Fall Guys

[W][A][S][D] - Move.

[Mouse] - Adjust Camera.
[Space Bar] - Jump

[Ctrl] - Dive.

[Shift] - Grab.

[1][2][3][4] - Emotes.

[Tab] - Show player name.

Fall Guys is an online version of the popular TV Show Takeshi's Castle where people compete with each other in overcoming obstacles and only one player wins the battle.
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Fall Guys : Game Description

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is an online version of the popular TV Show - Takeshi's Castle but here instead of people the main characters are penguins controlled by people. The game became very popular because of the lovely colorful graphics, multiplayer mode for almost 60 people and an interesting quests. Your main mission is to overcome numerous obstacles and reach the finish line faster than your opponents. You can kick your opponents or do whatever you want to achieve your goal. Every time you fall down the platform, you respawn near the closest checkpoint. Keep in mind that the game continues until there is only one person left at the finish line.

How To Play Fall Guys?

You have to run, jump or dive to overcome different types of obstacles. Each match of the game can host almost 60 real people all around the world which comptepe with each other. The key to success in Fall Guys game is not to hurry up at the beginning of the match - take a look at the types of obstacles, let the other people fall down and then when there is enough space you can try yourself too. Enjoy the full version of Fall Guys for free at our website.

The History Of The Game

Fall Guys is a multiplayer party game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. It was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in August 2020 and later released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in summer 2021. Later the web version of the game appeared too, which you can now play at our website FallGuys.Live

The game features cute, colorful jellybean-shaped characters known as Fall Guys who must navigate various obstacle courses and challenges to be the last one standing and win the crown. The game has quickly gained a huge following and is known for its addictive gameplay and hilarious moments.

Game Characters

The Fall Guys are the main characters of the game. They come in a variety of bright colors and can be customized with different outfits, patterns, and accessories. Players can earn in-game currency known as Kudos by playing matches and use them to purchase new outfits for their Fall Guy. The characters are cute, bouncy, and full of personality, making them a joy to watch and play as.

Game Modes

There are several different game modes in the game, each with its own unique challenges and objectives. The game modes include:

  • Race: In this mode, players must race through an obstacle course and be one of the first to cross the finish line to qualify for the next round.
  • Survival: In this mode, players must survive various challenges and obstacles, such as dodging spinning beams or avoiding falling fruit, to be one of the last players standing.
  • Team: In this mode, players are split into teams and must work together to complete various challenges and games.
  • Final: In this mode, the remaining players compete in a final round to be the last one standing and win the crown.

Obstacles and Levels

The obstacle courses and levels in Fall Guys are varied and unpredictable, ensuring that each game is unique and exciting. Some levels are straightforward races, while others require players to avoid obstacles or work together with teammates. The levels include:

  • Door Dash: Players must navigate a series of doors to reach the finish line, but not all doors are real.
  • See Saw: Players must cross a series of see-saws that tilt and shift, making it difficult to stay balanced.
  • Slime Climb: Players must climb a tower while avoiding rising slime and various obstacles.
  • Jump Showdown: Players must jump between rotating platforms and avoid falling off.


The rules of Fall Guys are simple: be the last one standing to win. Players must complete each level to move on to the next round, and the final round consists of a single game to determine the winner. Players can grab onto other Fall Guys to slow them down or knock them off the course, but they must also watch out for other players doing the same to them.

Overall, it is a lighthearted game that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. The game's charming characters, varied levels, and unpredictable gameplay make it a joy to play alone or with friends. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual player, Fall Guys is definitely worth checking out.

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